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Sheer curtains Sheer pantyhose made from nylon A common use for sheer fabric is in curtains, which allows for sunlight to pass through during daylight, while maintaining a level of privacy. Nightwear topic A woman's nightgown A man's pajamas Nightwear — also called sleepwear, nightclothes, or nightdress — is clothing designed to be worn while sleeping.

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Get the latest news, video, and commentary from Chris Hayes, and join All In’s community.
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Get the latest news, video, and commentary from Chris Hayes, and join All In’s community.
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Look up bedtime in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Bedtime also called putting to bed or tucking in is a ritual part of parenting to help children feel more secure[1] and become accustomed to a more rigid schedule of sleep than they might prefer. The ritual of bedtime is aimed at facilitating the transition from wakefulness to sleep. In some religious households, prayers are said shortly before going to bed.

Some people are accustomed to drinking a nightcap or herbal tea at bedtime. Synonyms Look up lights out in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. In boarding schools and on trips or holidays that involve young people, the equivalent of bedtime is lights out or lights-out; a term also used in prisons, hospitals, in the military, and in sleep research.

See also Crib talk Lu Cake Maternity is a maternity clothing brand, which specialises in nursing bras and other maternity products. Their products are designed to provide femininity like in mainstream lingerie and other clothing items, with the function required in maternity related products. History Tracey Montford founded the company in , following a pregnancy of her own. She felt that maternity bras that were available at the time were often poorly designed and had poor features.

Company founder Montford said during the interview that she focused on three areas when she started the brand. She wanted comfortable and attractive clothing that was also practical. Look up wrapper in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Wrapper generally refers to a type of packaging, such as a flat sheet made out of paper, cloth, cellophane or plastic to enclose an object.

Wrapper may also refer to: Wrapper clothing , both a woman's garment which is worn over nightwear or lingerie in North America, and a colorful women's garment widely worn in West Africa Wrapper, the outer leaf of tobacco used in cigar making Newspaper wrapper The Dust jacket of a hardcover book Wrapper philately , postal stationery which pays the delivery cost of a newspaper or a periodical Computing Wrapper function, a function whose main purpose is to call a second function Wrapper library Driver wrapper, software that functions as an adapter between an operating system and a driver Wrapper pattern, where some computer programming code allows certain classes to work together that otherwise would not Wrapper data mining , a technique used in data mining Primitive wrapper class, a compute Women's jinbei have started to become popular in recent years.

Use Jinbei are usually worn as a form of nightwear or house wear. Normally, men wear jinbei only in their own homes or when close to home usually to collect the mail, go on a local errand, or while shopping or dining at a local restaurant. Sometimes jinbei are used as substitute for yukata during a summer festival, typically by men and boys but also frequently by young women. Ladies' jinbei tend to be more brightly coloured and often feature prints of popular culture characters and motifs.

Set Jinbei sets consist of Transvestic fetishism is a psychiatric diagnosis applied to those who are thought to have an excessive sexual or erotic interest in cross-dressing; this interest is often expressed in autoerotic behavior. It differs from cross-dressing for entertainment or other purposes that do not involve sexual arousal, and is categorized as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.

Description Males with late onset gender dysphoria "frequently engage in transvestic behavior with sexual excitement," which could include transvestic fetishism.

Drawing of a nightshirt, by David Ring. A nightshirt is a garment intended for wear while sleeping. It is longer than most regular shirts, reaching down to the thighs or below the knees,[1] leaving some of the legs uncovered.

It is generally loose-fitting to avoid restricting the wearer's movement while sleeping. Until the 16th century men slept naked or in a day-shirt; subsequently a night-shirt, varying in quality, was worn in bed.

Nobles in the 16th century wore embroidered shirts or "wrought night-shirts". By the 19th century the night-shirt resembled a day-shirt with a loose, turned-down collar, or a loose, ankle-length nightgown was worn. The Dictionary of Fashion History. Bravissimo is a lingerie retailer that provides lingerie in D-L cup sizes and swimwear in a D-K cup range.

The company has now rebranded this as Bravissimo Clothing to provide continuity between products. Whilst pregnant, Tremellen found it difficult to find a good choice of bras that would fit her when she went up to a G Cup. They decided to take an eight-week business course which culminated in presenting a business plan to their local bank manager. Supré is an Australian fast fashion women's wear chain owned by the Cotton On Group.

Known for fashion items and basics at an affordable price point, the Supré product offering is aimed at the youth market. Under the management of Roseby, the Supré brand has expanded its fashion trend offering to compete with the global fast fashion market.

In , the Cotton On Group acquired Supré [1] with plans to expand the brand internationally. Supre has mainly sold women's clothing, however has Clothing also known as clothes, apparel and attire is a collective term for items worn on the body.

Clothing can be made of textiles, animal skin, or other thin sheets of materials put together. The wearing of clothing is mostly restricted to human beings and is a feature of all human societies. The amount and type of clothing worn depend on body type, social, and geographic considerations.

Some clothing can be gender-specific. Physically, clothing serves many purposes: It protects the wearer from rough surfaces, rash-causing plants, insect bites, splinters, thorns and prickles by providing a barrier between the skin and the environment.

Clothes can insulate against cold or hot conditions, and they can provide a hygienic barrier, keeping infectious a A pair of factory-distressed, loose fit men's jeans Microscopic image of faded jeans fabric Jeans are a type of trousers, typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. Often the term "jeans" refers to a particular style of trousers, called "blue jeans", which were invented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss on May 20, Prior to the Levi Strauss patented trousers, the term "blue jeans" had been long in use for various garments including trousers, overalls, and coats , constructed from blue-colored denim.

Jeans were a common fashion item in the s hippie subculture and they continued to be popular in the s and s youth subcultures of punk rock and heavy metal. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular types of trousers, especially in Western culture. Business Casual dress for women.

The woman on left is wearing pants while the one on right is wearing a skirt. Barack Obama in what can be considered as men's Business Casual, Business casual is an ambiguously defined dress code that has been adopted by many professional and white-collar workplaces in Western countries.

It entails neat yet casual attire and is generally more formal than informal attire but more caaual than smart casual attire. Casual Fridays preceded widespread acceptance of business casual attire in many offices. Definition There is no generally agreed definition of "business casual". One definition of business casual states that it includes khaki pants, slacks, and skirts, as well as short-sleeved polo shirts and long-sleeved shirts, but excludes jeans, tennis shoes, tight or short skirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts.

A Muslim girl in India wearing pajamas and kurti lithograph from Emily Eden's Portraits of the Princes and People of India, Pajamas US or pyjamas , often shortened to PJs or jammies, can refer to several related types of clothing originating from the Indian subcontinent.

In the Western world, pajamas are loose-fitting garments derived from the original garment and worn chiefly for sleeping,[1] but sometimes also for lounging,[2] also by both sexes. The word pyjama[4] was borrowed c. Victoria's Secret is an American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of women's lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products. Founded in as a response to packaged underwear, which the company's founder considered to be "ugly, floral-print nylon nightgowns", the company is now the largest American retailer of women's lingerie.

Newsweek reported him looking back on the incident from the vantage of Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people present themselves. A fashion can become the prevailing style in behaviour or manifest the newest creations of designers, technologists, engineers, and design managers.

Although aspects of fashion can be feminine or masculine, some trends are androgynous. But if one disapproves of a fashion, one can attempt to dismiss it as a mere fad. Clothing fashions Early West Lindex is a Finnish owned fashion chain within the Stockmann Group. The company has around employees and approximately stores in 18 markets in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, Central Europe and the Middle East.

In addition to sales in store, Lindex also offers their fashion assortment via Shop Online in 28 countries; all EU countries plus Norway. The company has had a rapid international expansion and sales growth. Shortly thereafter, the Lindex company of Gothenburg was acquired, and this was the name then given in time to all the subsequent stores. During the sixties the lingerie selection was complemented by women's wear, in particular jumpers and blouses. Operations were expanded and the first Lindex store in Norway was opened.

During the seventies Lindex continued to grow i Full-cup bra Plunge Balconette A bra , short for brassiere , UK or , is a form-fitting undergarment designed to support or cover the wearer's breasts. Bras are designed for a variety of purposes, including enhancing a woman's breast size, creating cleavage, or for other aesthetic, fashion or more practical considerations.

Swimsuits, camisoles, and backless dresses may have built-in breast support. Nursing bras are designed to facilitate breast-feeding. Some women have a medical and surgical need for brassieres, but most women wear them for fashion or cultural reasons. There is no evidence that bras actually prevent breasts from sagging. Bras have gained importance beyond their mere functionality as a garment.

Women's choices about what kind of bra to wear are consciously and unconsciously affected by social perceptions of the ideal female body shape, which changes over time. Bras have become a fashion item and cultural statement that are sometimes purposefully revealed by the wearer or even worn Denton's is a historically well-known American brand of blanket sleepers, formerly manufactured by the Dr.

The company was founded in , originally as the Michigan Central Woolen Company, and from the late 19th century through the first half of the 20th century was probably the single best-known manufacturer of blanket sleepers in the United States.

The brand was so well known that Dr. Dentons became and remains today a genericized trademark. The trademark has since changed hands several times, but has remained in sporadic use by various corporate entities into recent years. Denton derives from Whitley Denton, an employee of the company who created the original design on which its product line was based.

The appellation of "Doctor" was a marketing gimmick, intended to give the impression that the garments were designed and implicitly endorsed by a medical doctor. In another version, according to Elliott Saunders, A gown worn as part of the academic regalia of faculty or students, especially for ceremonial occasions, such as a convocations, congregations or graduations. A wide variety of long, flowing religious dress including pulpit robes and the robes worn by various types of monks. A gown worn as part of the official dress of a peer or royalty.

President Barack Obama wearing Western-style business suits. Note that Modi is wearing Nehru jacket with Mandarin collar, a commonplace in India, while Putin's jacket features notch lapels, more common in the Western world.

In clothing, a suit is a set of garments made from the same cloth, usually consisting of at least a jacket and trousers. Lounge suits also known as business suits when sober in colour and style , which originated in Britain as country wear,[1] are the most common style of Western suit.

Other types of suit still worn today are the dinner suit, part of black tie, which arose as a lounging alternative to dress coats in much the same way as the day lounge suit came to replace frock coats and morning coats; and, rarely worn today, the morning suit. This article discusses the lounge suit including business suits , elements of informal d A promotional model in a bodycon dress. A bodycon dress is a tight figure-hugging dress, often made from stretchy material.

How to dress perfectly for any occasion. Haute couture is high-end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers - often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.

A haute couture garment is always made for an individual client, tailored specifically for the wearer's measurements and body stance. Considering the amount of time, money, and skill allotted to each completed pie Cutty-sark figurehead on the British clipper of the same name.

The figurehead of the tea clipper Cutty Sark is named after the character and a brand of Scotch whisky is named in turn for the ship. Etymology Cutty or cuttie the diminutive form of cuttit, from Early Middle English cutte, kutte, cute "ugly"[2] is "short" or "stumpy". Sark or serk from Old English serc; Old Norse serk is a "shift", "chemise", or "shirt".

Museum display of shoes A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while the wearer is doing various activities.

Shoes are also used as an item of decoration and fashion. The design of shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with appearance originally being tied to function. Additionally, fashion has often dictated many design elements, such as whether shoes have very high heels or flat ones.

Contemporary footwear in the s varies widely in style, complexity and cost. Basic sandals may consist of only a thin sole and simple strap and be sold for a low cost. High fashion shoes made by famous designers may be made of expensive materials, use complex construction and sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars a pair. Some shoes are designed for specific purposes, such as boots designed specifically for mountaineering or skiing. Traditionally, shoes have been made from leather, wood or canvas, but in the s, they are increasingly made fro Post two-piece temple garments end just above the knee for both sexes.

Women's garments have cap sleeves with either a rounded or sweetheart neckline. Male tops are available in tee-shirt styles. Garments are worn both day and night and are required for any adult who previously participated in the endowment ceremony to enter a temple. Laundry care symbols with instructions in Japanese. The four symbols shown indicate that the garment must not be washed in water, must not be bleached, may be ironed only with a protective pressing cloth, and must be dry cleaned.

A poster from a laundromat in Beckley, West Virginia, that lists many of the common laundering instruction icons found on garment tags A laundry symbol, also called a care symbol, is a pictogram which represents a method of washing, for example drying, dry-cleaning and ironing clothing.

Such symbols are written on labels, known as care labels or care tags, attached to clothing to indicate how a particular item should best be cleaned. Standard symbols for these care labels differ by region. In some standards, pictograms coexist with or are complemented by written instructions. The Canadian system was formerly based on colour: That system was abandoned in favour of a common North American scheme. Black tie, occasionally known in the English-speaking world by its French name cravate noire,[1] is a dress code for evening events and social functions derived from British and American costume conventions of the 19th century.

For men, the principal elements of black tie are a white dress shirt with a black bow tie, an evening waistcoat or cummerbund, and a dinner jacket called a tuxedo in the United States. For women, an evening gown or other fashionable evening attire my be worn. Traditionally worn only for events after 6 p.

Men's standard The elements of gentleman's black tie. For men, the elements of black tie are: A white dress shirt A black bow tie An evening waistcoat or cummerbund A dinner jacket called a tuxedo in the United States , of black or midnight blue wool, in which the jacket lapels and trouser braid are of silk or Court dress comprises the style of clothes prescribed for courts of law, and for royal courts.

Commonwealth countries Short wigs as worn in court by advocates left and judges right in several Commonwealth countries. Instead they were dressed in ordinary business clothing. Since the creation of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in , the Justices of that court have retained the Law Lords' tradition of sitting unrobed. On ceremonial occasions they wear a robe of black damask embellished with gold with the logotype of the Supreme Court embroidered at the yoke. England and Wales Where court dress is worn Court dress is worn at hearings in open court in all Senior Courts of England and Wales and in county courts.

However, court dress may be dispensed with at the option British Army officer in the First World War. A trench coat or trenchcoat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, leather, or poplin. Traditionally this garment is double-breasted with 10 front buttons, has wide lapels, a storm flap and pockets that button-close. The coat often has shoulder straps that button-close; those were a functional feature in a military context.

The traditional color of a t Look up cover up in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Cover Up, or variants, often refers to: Cover-up, concealment of a scandal Cover-up tattoo , a tattooing method wherein a previous tattoo is tattooed over with a new tattoo. Bathrobe or outerwear wrap, worn over bathing suits, lingerie, or nightwear Concealer, a kind of makeup Cover Up, or variants, may also refer to: A traditional Inuit anorak An Inuit family wearing traditional Caribou parkas A parka or anorak is a type of coat with a hood, often lined with fur or faux fur.

The Caribou Inuit invented this kind of garment, originally made from caribou or seal skin, for hunting and kayaking in the frigid Arctic. Some Inuit anoraks require regular coating with fish oil to retain their water resistance. The words anorak and parka have been used interchangeably, but they are somewhat different garments. Strictly speaking, an anorak is a waterproof, hooded, pull-over jacket without a front opening, and sometimes drawstrings at the waist and cuffs, and a parka is a hip-length cold-weather coat, typically stuffed with down or very warm synthetic fiber, and with a fur-lined hood.

Etymology The word anorak comes from the Greenlandic Kalaallisut word annoraaq. It did not appear in English until ; an early definition is "a beaded item worn by Greenland women or brides in the s".

In the early s it was made from The film was directed by Lionel C. Martin, and written by Mark Brown and Demetria Johnson. He dreamt that he got caught cheating on his girlfriend, Lisa, Lark Voorhies only to wake up for the dream to remind him not to get caught. The women he sleeps with are all a secret from Lisa, who comes over to his house for a bit to see him, before heading off for work. Dray's sister, Jenny, Natalie Desselle also came by to his house to remind him about the cookout.

Dray becomes fascinated with Jenny's friend Katrina Mari Morrow , he also invited her to a party his friend was hosting, but she told him she was busy. A man wear a sport coat with khakis as part of a smart casual. Smart casual is an ambiguously defined dress code that is generally a neat yet casual attire. Different localities, kinds of events, contexts, or cultures can have varying interpretations of the dress code and therefore the designation of certain clothing pieces as smart casual is disputed.

The sleeveless dress with three-quarter overblouses, in smock appearance completing it for street wear, is accorded various interpretations. It is at once practiced and gives a smart casual appearance. A blue T-shirt A woman wearing a pink v-neck t-shirt T-shirt day in Leipzig Replica of a Copa Libertadores shirt A T-shirt or t shirt, or tee is a style of unisex fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves.

It normally has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar. T-shirts are generally made of a stretchy, light and inexpensive fabric and are easy to clean. Typically made of cotton textile in a stockinette or jersey knit, it has a distinctively pliable texture compared to shirts made of woven cloth.

Most modern versions have a body made from a continuously woven tube, produced on a circular loom, such that the torso has no side seams. The manufacture of T-shirts has become highly automated and may include cutting fabric with a laser or a water jet. The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century and, in the midth century, transitioned from undergarment to general-use casual clothing.

A V-neck T-shirt has a V-shape Short Analysis here "Sleepwear Survey". The Clothes Show Magazine. Nightwear topic A woman's nightgown A man's pajamas Nightwear — also called sleepwear, nightclothes, or nightdress — is clothing designed to be worn while sleeping. Member feedback about Nightwear: Nightwear Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Bathrobe topic A dressing gown from the s A bathrobe, dressing gown or morning gown is a robe, a loose-fitting outer garment, which may be worn by men or women.

Member feedback about Bathrobe: History of fashion Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Lingerie topic Lingerie displayed as for point-of-sale promotion Lingerie UK: Member feedback about Lingerie: Lingerie Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Negligee topic A négligée on a mannequin The negligee or négligée French: They are hooded with holly on top. We are constantly researching new products and expanding our range daily. Macs in a bag. Substantial large novelty pug dog hood.

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