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Temperatures to 'nosedive amid heavy SNOW this month beginning winter freeze' Record breaking low temperatures could be seen in parts of the country this month, a WeatherAction forecaster has warned. Only if he has some big red lips under that beard. I'm going to keep wearing it; first thing for starters, I'm not wasting any more money on Christmas jumpers.

Dec 21,  · I love a good novelty Christmas knit so I thought I'd show you the collection I've built up so far! Jumpers Mentioned: H&M Fairisle Roll Neck Jumper.
Best Christmas jumpers for - including everything from high street to geek sweaters. Christmas jumpers seem to get more popular every year. There are hundreds of different patterns and styles, so much so that it's hard to keep up with the latest trends.
Dec 02,  · WELCOME TO DAY 2 OF 24 DAYS OF ZOELLA VLOGMAS: Christmas Blog Posts: JUMPERS: Next Green Fun Christmas Tr.
Show your love for Star Wars by getting your hands on the This is My Jolly Face Knitted Christmas Sweater. You know you want to:) The This is My Jolly Face Knitted Christmas Sweater has been hand selected by the Merchoid team, to bring you the highest quality merchandise.

Dec 10,  · Oh my god, really? No OP, your dark blue jumper with Santa's face on it is not racist.

If you're looking for a more subtle Christmas jumper then this is a great option. If you're a fan of fantasy and Christmas then stop right here. Not only does it have Santa with a Christmas dragon, it also has a pun. I'm in Christmas jumper heaven! There are plenty of other fun ideas on jollychristmasjumper. Head on over to check out their selection. If you're looking for more check out the Winter is coming jumper or the Let it Snow. One of the most popular Christmas jumpers on boohoo.

So popular in fact, that both the red and black versions are in their top five. For more check boohoo. As you've seen on other Christmas jumpers, puns are big during the festive season. And this one is a favourite of ours. Another one for the geeks is this Super Mario Christmas jumper. It was released in but Mario doesn't go out of fashion.

Head over to the Nintendo store for more details. Marking the upcoming release of post-apocalyptic adventure game Fallout 76, this number should take the edge of the cold, but probably won't protect you from a nuclear winter.

Adorned with images of Ludo, the Worm and David Bowie's iconic Goblin King hair do, this Labyrinth-themed jumper dials up the nostalgia. It's inspired by the band's track Hell's Bells, which is about the Devil coming to visit as the sound of the titular bells fills the air.

If that wasn't festively subversive enough, 'Satan' just so happens to be an anagram of 'Santa'. Speaking of unconventional alternatives to Father Christmas, the villainous Negan from The Walking Dead is front and centre of this jumper.

Wielding his notorious bat Lucille, he's adamant about taking half of your presents, and quite frankly you wouldn't want to argue with him. As everyone knows, regardless of any calendar, the Christmas period only officially begins when the classic Coca Cola advert starts appearing on TV.

This women's jumper from TruffleShuffle is emblazoned with the famous red lorry and the words of the catchy 'Holidays are coming' jingle, as well as what seems to be an foot-tall Santa Claus. Retro gaming fever abounds in this official Spyro the Dragon jumper. The purple dragon was one of the original PlayStation's earliest mascots, and with an HD remake collection of the Spyro games set to hit shelves in November this could be a timely addition to your winter wardrobe.

Fatface 1 of Notonthehighstreet 2 of Asda - George 3 of This Rolling Stones Christmas jumper is one of the brighter sweaters for the festive season. We may already have a Star Wars jumper on our list but this was too good not to include. Not only does it have a good pun, but it also includes Dinosaurs. Which is a win win.

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I'm going to keep wearing it; first thing for starters, I'm not wasting any more money on Christmas jumpers. To pre-answer some questions I'm sure I'll get: Is that really blue? Where did you get it from? Just how cheeky are these other peeps? The Flagpole is Wider Member. Do they have trouble telling the difference between Blue and Black? As I Smurf, I find your blue-face offensive.

If someome thinks that's racist it's probably some cheeky bants from the lads to rile you up. In all seriousness it's blue to me. You are so racist. This is what happens when you read twitter and progressive sites all day Jesus christ man. I thought it was going to be a Zwarte Piet jumper.

Pretty sure you're fine. But even if it was black, why would it be racist? Black Santas are not racism in the first place. Oh my god, really? No OP, your dark blue jumper with Santa's face on it is not racist. The only thing upsetting me are those bobbles. Don't be puting that jumper in the tumble dryer bro. No, it's not racist, and it's silly that you were even lead to believe that.

Banned for having an alt account Member. You cheeky BritERA folks. Just name them and let the mods take care of them. That's a cute sweater. Wait, why does santa have a red nose.

ASOS ASOS Christmas Sweatshirt With This Is My X-Mas Jumper Print Shop ASOS Christmas Sweatshirt With This Is My X-Mas Jumper Print at ASOS. Discover fashion online. BRAND NEW "THIS IS MY CHRISTMAS JUMPER!" COMEDY XMAS SWEATSHIRT 80% Cotton 20% Polyester Blend g/m2, Machine Washable and you can Tumble Dry them. Ideal Gift. Great Quality Sweatshirt! Size Chart: Size S - Chest Size 36"____ Size M - Chest Size 38""____ Size L - Chest Size 42"____ Size XL - Chest Size 44""____Size XXL - Chest Size 47""/5. Dec 10,  · Oh my god, really? No OP, your dark blue jumper with Santa's face on it is not racist.